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Week Lecture(PPT) Description Lecture Notes (DOC)
Week1Lecture 1.1(ppt)
Lecture 1.2 (ppt)
Java Course Outline and Introduction To Java 1.1 Introduction To Computer
1.2 Introduction to Java
Install Software Require for Exercise

Week2 Lecture 2.1(ppt)
Lecture 2.2
Understanding Java Environment and Editors, Fundamentals of Programming 2.1 Understand Your Programming Environtment
2.2 Programming Fundamental
Exercise 1Exercise 2 Exercise 3Exercise 4Exercise 5Exercise 6Exercise 7

Week3 Lecture 3.1(pdf)
Lecture 3.2(pdf)
Getting Input from Keyboard and Control Structure 3.1 Getting Input from Keyboard

Exercise 8Exercise 9 Exercise 10

Week4 Lecture 4.1(pdf)
Lecture 4.2(pdf)
Arrays and Command Line Arguments
Exercise 11Exercise 12 Exercise 13 Exercise 14 Exercise 15 Exercise 16 Exercise 17 Exercise 18

Week5 Lecture 5.1(pdf) Using Java Classes, Equality of object, Pass By Value, Pass By Reference, OOPS
Exercise 19Exercise 20 Exercise 21 Exercise 22 Exercise 23 Exercise 24 Exercise 25

Week6 Lecture 6.1(pdf) Creating your own classes, package, access Modifiers
Exercise 26 Exercise 27 Exercise 28 Exercise 29

Week7 Lecture 7.1(pdf) Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interface
Chapter 6
Exercise 30 Exercise 31 Exercise 32 Exercise 33 Exercise 34

Week8 Lecture 8.1(pdf)
Lecture 8.2(ppt)
Exception Handling and JDBC
Exercise 35 Exercise 36

Week9 Lecture 9 Java Swing

Week10 Lecture 10 Java I/O
Java I/O Exercise

Week11 Lecture 11(Detailed) Java Threads
Java Thread Exercise

Week12 Lecture 12 Java Networking
Java Networking Exercise

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