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An Introduction To Java: Installing JDK, Text Pad, Configuring your system for Java, Writing your first Program in Java, Using Command Line Tools, Understanding Class Path and Path environment variable.

Fundamentals: Comments, Data Types, Variables, Assignments and Initializations, Operators, Strings, Control Flow, Arrays.

Objects And Classes: Introduction to OOPS, Using Existing Classes, Making Your Own Class, Static Field and Method, Method Parameters, Object Construction, Packages.

Inheritance: Extending Class,Object: Cosmic Super Class,The Class Class.

Interface: Implementing Interfaces, Cloning.

Graphcs Programming & Applets, Event Handling Introduction to Swing, Creating A Frame, Frame Positioning, Displaying information in Panel, 2D Shapes, Colors, Text Fonts, Images, Applet Basics, Applet HTML tag and Attributes.

Exception Handling:Dealing with Errors, Catching Exceptions.

Lecture notes can be accessed at the following URL

Text Book
1.   Herbert Schildt, "Java 2 The Completer Reference".
Reference Book
1. CAY S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell, Core Java Volume 1- Fudamentals, Sun Microsystems & Prentice Hall

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